Testimonials from Miller staff (2013-2014)

Miss Joanna Johnson (Social Studies - 7th grade)

"Through the generosity of MCEF, my students are now enjoying MacBook Pros on a daily basis. They have been collaborating on Google Drive, creating Google Presentations, and making group projects more fun through Comic Life and Padlet. Laptops allow students the opportunity to be more engaged in the curriculum, and where they are able to use their own creative expressions in a variety of forms."

Kim Stinson (Math/Science - 6th grade)

"Dear MCEF, Thanks again for your continuous support. Your generosity and concern for the well being of students and their education is beyond commendable! The 6th grade science and math teachers received a class set of iPads this year. The students love using them!

With the addition of this technology, students have created Google accounts, which has allowed them to easily share information and collaborate on group projects. We have also used the iPads to set up Khan Academy accounts for math. Furthermore, students have explored online math activities through such sites as Mathalicious which allow them to practice real world math concepts in a creative and engaging way.

We look forward to using, exploring and learning more about the iPads as the year progresses! With Sincere Gratitude,"

Grace Yen (Algebra/Geometry)

"Could you please tell MCEF fund people how much I appreciate their generosity to purchase LCD projectors for us to use? I just received a new LCD projector yesterday from Diane since my old one was so dim that I have had to turn off all the lights to play the Morning Announcement videos. Diane told me that it is due to old age of the projector and suggested that it is more economical to replace the projector instead of changing the light bulb, which may not help to improve the clarity of the projector anyway. She told me that this projector was purchased through MCEF funds and I should let them know how much I appreciate them.

I would like you to tell them that this new projector was so bright and clear that I no longer need to turn off any light when I teach any more. My students all cheered when I started using this new projector yesterday. It is a wonderful Christmas present from MCEF to my students! I feel very lucky to teach at Miller! Thank you,"

Jason Oncay (Language Arts- 8th grade,Drama, Wheel)

"MCEF provided critical funding to make major improvements to the Drama program. The grant purchased a new lighting control board for stage lights that were not functional without the new board. The program also added four new video cameras for acting practice, a floor microphone for performances, headset communicators for the tech crew, muslin to cover the flats and create a proper set, and funding for lumber and hardware for a new platform as well as other set pieces. The students and audiences thoroughly enjoyed the improvements, and the program is growing due to this generous support."

Codrutza Popescu (Science/Math - 6th grade)

"Please extend my gratitude to MCEF for providing us with much needed science materials. The instruments will help many generations of children to discover the beauty of science. Best Regards,"

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